Orcivus @ Consummatum Est Review

Consummatum Est
Next Horizon Records

Overview: A bittersweet cacophony of enlightened orthodoxy might be the sum of all parts that constitute Consummatum Est, the debut release from Sweden’s Orcivus who, unassumingly attempt to thicken the standards of modern Black Metal. Covering almost identical paths threaded earlier by Gorgoroth, Leviathan and Watain, Orcivus is, obviously, fledging allegiance to a more relentless and unpolished vibrancy, yet, room has been secured to let stern, mirthless atmospheres be prevalent in tandem, a feature that clearly amplifies the character of each song. Still, the album can’t be exempt from sounding overly prosaic, partly due to its flawed musicianship, but also owing to the fact that it lacks some of that intrepid volatility that so genuinely set apart many of the genre’s household names.

Production: Co-headed by Orcivus’ mastermind and Tore Stjerna at his Necromorbus’ facility, it sounds gritty and dogged, yet, focused and sturdy, allowing the instruments to gleam in a menacing and sinister fashion.

Parting Thoughts: Although worthy of notice, Consummatum Est will probably not stand the test of time for those whose chief predilection is nostalgia, but it may grasp consideration from the more devoted sectors of latter-day Black Metal.



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