Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Interview

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
Interview with Tomas Pettersson

When did you form the project, and is it a process of self-catharsis for you?

I established Ordo Equilibrio in May 1993, following my departure from Archon Satani, as a consequence of enduring creativity that needed to be directed, but, recently, the foundation of Ordo Equilibrio transfigured by reason of Chelsea’s departure and which has ensued in the wedlock between Equilibrium and Roses – erecting Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, The Order of Roses and Balance.
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is who I am: it is the invariable reflection and aesthetic utilisation of my nature and what I, personally, find interesting. And my essential determination is thus to create music for the purpose of my individual entertainment, objectives and appreciation. Each individual working that I spawn, separately and collectively, as part of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, is an invariable and aesthetically veritable evidence of my psychical, spiritual and emotional person/condition over a particular duration of time – the time betwixt its origin and completion. So, alongside the invariable variations of all conceivable conditions akin to the setting of my individual persona, each aesthetic evidence of Ordo Equilibrio is engendered and, consequently, I believe this makes Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio an application of self-catharsis.

To some extent, the aesthetic and words of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio portray a fetishist/sadomasochist image. What arouses you to write such lyrics? Are you abstemious when writing or do you indulge in other supplements?

I do not customarily engage in the use of any intoxicants during the process of creation. I am almost without exception when writing lyrics and/or composing music.
What inspires me? I believe the entire concept and dissension of Life, the pleasure and anguish it accidentally incorporates. Love, sex, war, death and my love, arousal and affection for Rosemary are concepts inspiring enough to last a lifetime or two.

Might the titles of each work be linked as a magnitude of ideas that you want to describe symbolically?

The decision of each work’s respective title is something that ripens alongside the process of creation itself. Its outcome is completely independent to the writing of lyrics and the lyrics are coequally independent to the choosing of title. On occasion, the title is obvious almost forthwith, whilst, occasionally, it awaits to befall until the very last instant of creation.

Unlike other acts in Cold Meat Industry, you seem to distance yourself artistically, as you’re not afraid to thread uncharted waters. Overall, what have been your musical influences?

I believe it is your opinion that I am less stagnant in comparison to other bands as part of C.M.I., but, assuming that you are in fact somewhat correct, I believe it adheres to the situation that the aesthetic foundation from where I operate is more comprehensive than that of various others which, consequently, gives me a conspicuous advantage in regard to elaboration and progress.
At an early age, I was essentially listening to music from the 50s and 60s, but, as I grew older, this preference instinctively evolved to affiliate electronic and industrial music.

I believe you are about to join forces with MZ.412, Les Joyaux de la Princesse and Rob Hardin, given the fact that you were to put things on hold regarding Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio What caused this decision?

Naturally, I was uninspired, creatively drained and, altogether, exhausted at the time of completing and finally releasing Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance in June 1998, and thus deserving some vacation. But claiming that I would not release any new material in up to two, maybe three, years was an attempt to reduce eventual expectations of having shortly forthcoming material to expect following its release. The estimated period of serenity and self-restraint, however, has almost passed now and it is hence due time for the awaited completion and release of yet another work, Make Love and War, on May 5th.

What are your views on the following subjects: sexual voyeurism, fetishism/sadomasochism, hetero/homosexuality, Social Darwinism, religion, National Socialism/Nazism and the E.E.C.?

Sexual voyeurism: I endorse any consensus sexual or non-sexual conduct.
Fetishism/sadomasochism: Sadomasochism is the appreciation of receiving and submitting pain, punishment, degradation and control; that is a mandatory requirement for any seemingly operative scenario. But, despite the fact that either element does inflict physical and/or psychological pain and anguish, it pleases, consequently making the punishment a reward. While not attaining the punishment from a masochistic perspective is the factual punishment alone. Sadomasochism is, consequently, not the seizure of control, but command being given, rewarded and utilised in combination with undivided trust and respect and, consequently, not a form of physical abuse and “involuntary” degradation – as many socio-political conformed beings seemingly conceive – but, more appropriately, an act of mutual consent between two or more individuals, voluntarily affiliated to a conscript environment of submitting and receiving pain, degradation, anguish and punishment. Sadomasochism is not customarily a substitute to any supposedly accustomed and ordinary sex, but more willingly a gratifying extension of the conventional sexual practices customarily appreciated and exercised. Fetishism is the erection of sexual arousal akin to a personal desire for a particular something, object, setting or situation. Personally, I perceive any form of fetish as individually and sexually rewarding, in the situation that it does not become a compulsion and, consequently, confines the ability to function. I find stockings, corsets and high heels, in addition to assorted ventures of sadomasochism (along with bondage and domination), as personally invigorating elements as part of my individual life and sexuality, erecting an undeniable extent of desire and appreciation throughout my individual sexuality.
Hetero and homosexuals: Homo, hetero and bisexuality are essentially important definitions by the conventional and sexually confined, by which to secure sexual identification and orientation and, consequently, prevent them from becoming perplexed in unaccustomed situations of sudden attraction and lust – definitions by which to maintain and limit the signification of lust and attraction in circumference to gender. I believe anyone reasonably unprejudiced, given the appropriate setting and situation, would prove bisexual.
Social Darwinism: Survival of the fittest; a visionary and ideal condition established on intrinsic and factual selection according to aptitude in circumference to will, determination and capability. But, on the other hand, isn’t this condition invariably the situation throughout every socio-political establishment – past, present and future – merely akin to each organism’s individual definition of aptitude? Which currently suggests the honourable qualities of conformity, homogeneity and amiability, making anyone disinclined and, or incapable to follow and obey, socio-politically inept and expendable.
Religion: Each has its own diversified content, some entirely vein, others more befitting and practicable. Convictions are not necessarily unavailing and undeviating useless to the extent that they operate to avail and convene the objectives and ambitions of an individual towards a desired and realisable goal. But, as far as they merely operate to enforce dogma and limitation, they are better off availed to extinction.
National Socialism/Nazism: Political doctrines just as any others; two ideological conceptions on how to, most appropriately, operate two folks and their conscript province. Political doctrines currently and rabidly resisted by all western nations in unity with Israel, but fashionably being the conscript and contemporary constitutions of Israel, if you care to consider its regime hard enough.
E.E.C.: An alliance established on the sole motives of monetary authority and short-term revenue; an application of unrestricted trade and commerce throughout the European community, by which to instigate and supervise the unconditional regime of undivided capitalism. It appears to give sound to a trumpet of ill will, don’t you think?

With the arrival of the new millennium, some believe we’ll cease to exist, while others prefer the idea of a third Antichrist. How do you look upon these projections?

To all appearances, we did not face any foretold and complete extinction of mankind at this alleged transition in time, but, as far as mankind continues to conduct itself through the self-annihilating manner it has assumed thus far, I do not believe we need to wait for too long to perceive the expected ruin of the world as we know it. I believe Civilisation, as we know it, will crumble and, consequently, relapse to its cradle. This process is a necessary development in relation to the cycle of creation, destruction and renewal. All empires have ultimately crumbled: the Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Mayan, Inca and Babylonian, as well as the western civilisation will likewise ensue along the same path of progression. It’s not an option: more appropriately the consequence of invariable transition.

Tell me about your live performances.

When performing live, I try to present an act that is aesthetically affiliated to the philosophical, spiritual and aesthetic aspirations of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – whether it is akin to contemplated irony, militia or fetishism – further accompanied by drums, banners and flaming fires. But, as I am still investigating the possibilities and disadvantages with regard to performing live, and still am learning about the necessary constituents to appropriately succeed according to my aspirations, the performance will most certainly evolve as I proceed. And, in conclusion, I can merely say: do not expect anything and you won’t be disappointed.

Any future projects or ideas you’d like to point out?

Since receiving this interview, and since the release of Conquest, Love, & Self Perseverance in July 1998, I suppose matters and situations have transfigured slightly. Chelsea has resigned her participation from the formation by reason of personal disparities, and separately alongside this resolution has befallen the wedlock between equilibrium & roses – Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, The Order of Roses & Balance. But, in order to avoid the consequential upsurge of unfortunate rumours proclaiming the hence ruin of Ordo Equilibrio, it may be affirmed and fortified that Ordo Equilibrio will persist, endure and prevail consistent through the essence of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio.
There are also three impending releases scheduled for next year. First, the anticipated 4th CD, Make Love and War. Second, the 2 x 7″ box titled 4 Love 4 Life 4 Lust & Roses, in 444 copies and, finally, the long-awaited video release, which has, and is being, spawned in association with video artist Mikael Prey (a.k.a. Fetish 23). There is, likewise, a scheduled Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio appearance at the upcoming Wave Gothic Treffen, in Leipzig, in June, alongside the possibility of a brief visit to Germany together with Deutsch Nepal and In Slaughter Natives, on April 28th-30th to Munich, Bochum and Dresden.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

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