Pain @ Nothing Remains the Same Review

Nothing Remains the Same
Stockholm Records/Universal Music Group

Who would have thought that the man standing on the throne of Scandinavian Death Metal would wind up reaching an involvement in such a beguiling genre as industrial Metal which is, unquestionably, a more mass appealing style than those of his past incursions? Well, it happened and to confirm it, Nothing Remains the Same is a hard, vigorous and congenial evidence of his new wanderings in music.
Coming with a version of The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby, for which a sixteen piece full orchestra recorded strings at the well-known Polar Studios (where, apart from Pain, Abba, Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones have recorded), this album is quite unbeaten in the way it conveys its point in a pretty well-thought style – nearly like a marketing assignment that proved to be booming after its initial launch. Lyrically, this delves in the personal and existential ramblings of Tägtgren himself – or, has he puts it, “more songs about sex and death” – meaning that he hasn’t also lost his concern in extraterrestrial existence judging by the rather witty video of Shut Your Mouth.
Even if not utterly unique, this record is improved by a heavier production, culminating in a more belligerent approach that ends up widening its range all along. At the end of the day, this is another mission into an outline of brutal, industrial Pop music that certainly lets its two predecessors be overlooked by its confidence in all ranks.

Universal Music Group

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