Pantheon I @ Worlds I Create Review

Pantheon I
Worlds I Create
Candlelight Records

Overview: Formed, among others, by former 1349’s Tjalve (also known as Andrè Kvebek) in 2002, Pantheon I is a rather dynamic and audacious enterprise, courtesy of Norway’s contemporary extreme Metal scene, and, unlike others, they are willing to take some risks.
Worlds I Create, their most recent release on Candlelight Records, thrives on certain patterns previously explored by such contemporaries as Satyricon or Borknagar (i.e. progressive and technical elements assorted with heroic rage and velocity); yet, their music feels more cerebral and unfathomable in comparison, almost like a close relative to Keep of Kalessin’s heroism (minus the concept).

Production: Not as powerful or robust as their musicianship, it is, though, moderately clear and defined, which allows every instrument to be perceived without a hitch.

Parting Thoughts: Among the loads of uninspiring rubbish that daily assails your senses, it is somewhat of a comfort to be greeted by Pantheon I’s imaginative and volatile exercise – even if clocking at little more than three-quarters of an hour.

Pantheon I
Candlelight Records

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