Peccatum @ Lost in Reverie Review

Lost in Reverie
Mnemosyne Productions

A crossing through fact and specious dominions would be one of the infinite manners to portray Lost in Reverie, Peccatum’s third and finest full-length album. Indeed, several could be the ways to describe this surrealistic aural piece due to its huge experimental vein; in fact, experimental is conceivably the greatest Peccatum synonym, as both Ihriel and Ihsahn have traversed such bizarre grounds ever since they set off working mutually, formerly aided by Ihriel’s brother, Lord PZ, who actually managed to chip in with some vocal queues in the record’s most unforgiving moments.
On musical terms, these seven tracks can be symbolically assimilated as a sonic mountain encircled by mist wherein lies no single thread, yet, the moods and tones that set the shadowy and foreboding air make it all worthwhile after some time. Nevertheless, to the one listening, it is required to have an open mind regarding adaptation and approach, as nobody will have an ultimate idea with merely a couple of tries. As a sort of light in the dark, attempt to envision a blend of The 3rd and the Mortal and Ulver with a tad of late Emperor’s aggressiveness, coupled with a seductive Jazz approach; this way, you might have a tiny idea of what you’ll come across in this reverie of sound.
Lost in Reverie has definitely been pursued by many as a sheer chance to possibly get together Ihsahn’s trademark wizardry formerly trailed in Emperor, though having in mind the idea of facing those “dreary and unexplainable” sonorities. But the truth is that will never come to pass, nor will no one ever hear Emperor’s gloomy and ominous music again.
Up until today, Peccatum has usually been seen as the couple’s brash and odd side-project, but all of those conjectures are now inane and useless, seeing that in this day and age Peccatum is a landmark proposal devoid of any likely associations which the biased listener could simply and shamelessly draw upon. Undeniably, this is a work to be lost within for a great deal of time.

Mnemosyne Productions

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