Rammstein @ Feuer Frei! Review

Feuer Frei!
Motor Music Records/Universal Music Group

Taken from the Mutter album, Feuer Frei! is the opening musical string of Rob Cohen’s movie xXx, also to blame for The Fast and the Furious. The film tells the story of Xander Cage (here played by Vin Diesel), a new NSA underground agent which lives as an outcast, producing and selling movies of his own illicit activities, constantly choreographed by sweeping and stunning deeds. Recruited by Augustus Gibbons (courtesy of Samuel L. Jackson, who paints the picture in another unusual role), Xander’s mission is to get infiltrated in an anarchist mob, in order to stop them to annihilate the world. In some ways, this plot could draw a parallel to The Matrix, in that defined results are presented from theoretical conjectures. Nonetheless, and from a musical perspective,& this isn’t at stake here, nor it could build a similarity to Mysticum’s upturned principle, as the track alone is rather straightforward, “rammsteinesque” and floor-pounding, as almost everything they write as well.
Furthermore, this comes with five other tracks: a remixed edition by Junkie XL and two others by the band itself, plus two sorts of “bonus” tracks by Battery with their own versions of Du Hast and Bück Dich, correspondingly.

Universal Music Group


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