Sally Doherty and the Sumacs @ Black Is the Colour Review

Sally Doherty and the Sumacs
Black Is the Colour
Tiger Records

Overview: Corporeal, epicurean yet, distinctly metaphysical, Black is the Colour provides the sonorous foundations to emotional self-discovery. On this co-effort with the Sumacs, Doherty has decided to re-interpret traditional Folk songs from Irish, French, Spanish and Scottish backgrounds, a result of rather stirring proportions. Her voice sounds graceful and timeless, but never homogeneous – an element that would surely minimize the heart of each ballad – and the music’s earthly energy is abundant in character and pride, such is the case of La Llorona (an exquisitely acoustic piece), or even the early twentieth century-sounding Requiem Waltz that conveys a suave Parisian feel.

Production: From a recent digital remaster, Black is the Colour is now free to sound properly fluid and rich, providing its magnetism and allure with enhanced vitality.

Parting Thoughts: In parallel with the works of Force, McKennitt or Enya, Doherty’s craft is perhaps more encompassing and multifarious, as it gathers a wider range of influences and inspirations, without engaging in unnecessary layers of random embellishments. Prescribed for the spirited at heart, it is available from the address below.

Sally Doherty

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