Sarpanitum @ Despoilment of Origin Review

Despoilment of Origin
Galactic Records

Overview: Sarpanitum’s debut offers a competitive brand of intricate and technical Death Metal with a massive dose of intensity and atmosphere. Sometimes, I even get the feeling of walking down the memory lane when this four-piece tackles the violence of Immolation or the razor-sharp attack of classic Bolt Thrower – even vocalist Andy Techakosit reminds me of Sanders in places. There are also catchy and melodic moments once in a while, and even an acoustic passage, which allows certain tracks to breathe more easily (and contrast can be quite crucial, even in such attacks of sonic hostility).

Production: Cohesive and strong. Quite staggering for a debut.

Parting Thoughts: Despoilment of Origin is a promising premiere, and if you’re into the likes of the aforementioned acts, as well as Nile or Cannibal Corpse, then Sarpanitum’s work is a good pick. However, there’s still work ahead in terms of getting things more distinct and not so one-sided, as it inevitably happens on occasion.

Galactic Records

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