Sepia Dreamer @ The Sublime Review

Sepia Dreamer
The Sublime
Galactic Records

Overview: If I would choose five words to describe this four-song long-player, they would be jazzy, progressive, instrumental, flowing and colourful. In The Sublime, expectation is challenged in a way that you’ll discover that there are still records able to question what one’s predisposed to assume. The music is rather intricate and technical, as it’s candid and unpretentious, which might easily appeal to both followers and non-followers of the more elaborate and layered Metal styles.
Something that might upset a few, unlike what happens with the typical ensemble of their ilk, is the fact that the album is purely instrumental.

Production: Clear-cut yet, a tad frail in places. The drum sound can be momentarily synthetic, denying heaviness to take place in certain key parts.

Parting Thoughts: Even if his instrument could’ve been mixed better, Mithras’ Leon Macey’s session percussion work is enthralling and diverse and, coupled with the duo’s creatively stimulating pieces, makes Sepia Dreamer’s future full of promise.

Galactic Records

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