Sirius @ Spectral Transition – Dimension Sirius Review

Spectral Transition – Dimension Sirius
Nocturnal Art Productions

In comparison with its predecessor, this effort shines dramatically in all ranks. Despite the fact of being entirely produced and mastered in Norway, the musicianship has also improved, as well as the cohesion of each musician’s song-writing and aptitude.
Due to the electro-industrial feel behind the heavy facet, Sirius has managed to craft a colder, distant and more mechanical vibe to its thud while enhancing the metaphysical feature that has always escorted it in such titles as In Astral Plains of Trance and Paradox Timeline. Axis remains the most unswerving and straightforward piece, whereas Desolate Magnetic Fields and Dimensional Quantum present a bolder and perhaps more daring loom to their impulsiveness, assembling this record with a more varied and dissimilar touch when measured up against Aeons of Magick.
Apart this entire innovative arrangement, the band has also some guest musicians to affix their occasional inputs in a few songs, such as Daemon (Limbonic Art), Faust (ex-Emperor and Thorns) and label-owner Samoth (ex-Emperor and Zyklon). Not only that, but they have also covered Emperor’s The Majesty of the Nightsky, a band to whom they have been tediously compared to.
When all’s said and done, this will definitely be a landmark release from Portuguese shores in quite a few years to come.

Nocturnal Art Productions

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