Storm and Wongraven Interview

Storm and Wongraven
Interview with Satyr

In Storm you appear to be singing about the Vikings, as well as your own folklore. Where did these interests come from in order for you and Fenriz to create the project?

It’s not correct that the Storm lyrics were mainly about Vikings; Norwegian folklore and sagas, not Vikings. Feeling proud of being in a Norwegian country is not so hard when it’s such a country: full of resources and a winning spirit.

How’s the process of reshaping a traditional Folk song to a Metal approach like? Do you feel you have created a new sub-genre with this concept?

Not reshaping but rather sharpening a song, I feel, as the charm of Folk music lies on the fact that the words and music go from place to place, changing all the time.
When it comes to creating a genre, let’s just say that we did something fresh and interesting.

Storm was supposed to have released an EP at this point. Is it still in the horizon? Do you, or Fenriz, have any ambitions in the short, medium-run about it?

The songs that were meant to appear on the EP are all on the Crusade from the North compilation (released by Moonfog).
As to what will happen with Storm in the future I don’t know, as both I and Fenriz feel finished with it.

The music in Wongraven is quite compelling and sort of unperturbed as a whole. What moved you to create it in the first place?

Thanks for the compliment. Satyricon always had medieval parts but I always wanted to do a whole album instead of just a song, so I tried to do my best to create a time-travel with Fjelltronen and it was also an outlet of feelings for me.

Even if not in such a perceptible way, Wongraven seems to take inspiration from Norwegian folklore. Does the occasional singing refers to it?

The lyrics are secondary on Fjelltronen, as they are there to portray the atmosphere rather than to tell a story; it’s the music who brought forth the lyrics, if you understand. The cover was also an inspiration for the music and lyrics, so to create a spiritual nirvana, a place where the longing reaches.

How was it like working with Ihsahn and Hans Sørensen?

I think it was quite cool to work with Ihsahn and the percussionist, although none of them had any sort of greater understanding of how I wanted the album to sound like.

To conclude, where did the idea to create your own label, Moonfog, come from, and what does it have in store for the near future? Do you also have any plans for Wongraven?

I am heavily involved with Moonfog and I have a great belief in what we can achieve. We go for quality rather than quantity. Many of the bands that we would like to have are already signed to other labels, so therefore we work with the quality projects that are still available (look out for Thorns, it’s absolutely divine).
Concerning Wongraven, this is just an outlet, or a moniker, if you will, for music I want to do that it’s not suitable for Satyricon. There will probably be another album, but with totally different music on it.
Thanks for the space and look out for the main happening now, which is Rebel Extravaganza, the new Satyricon album.

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