The Amenta @ Mictlan Review

The Amenta @ MictlanThe Amenta

Coming from Australia, The Amenta deliver the goods on what I like to call Death Metal for the New Millennium; in other words, a concoction of Ambient sounds, Industrial music and experimental Death Metal.
One of the things I appreciate is that these guys never fail to keep you focused and interested throughout the length of these three tracks – clocking almost at twenty minutes – that compose Mictlan (the last one being a small outro); for a demo, I guess you can’t really ask for more. Some of the more soothing atmospheres are quite akin to those on several Black Metal’s memorable releases from the third wave, while the overall onslaught reminds me of Myrkskog’s most thriving moments with a very own injection of murderous, technical – or should I say clinical – blast-beat assault. Despite the fact that they’re from the same country, it would unfair to put them on the same league as, for instance, The Berzerker, who are absolutely on another Extreme Metal league.
One interesting point here is that this was probably one of the most complete demos I’ve ever received: not only does it come in a professional-printed CD package, but it also features CD-ROM contents (similar to a website presentation) with everything you might need and want – whether it be a biography, photos, lyrics and even compressed music files. I rest my case.

The Amenta

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