The Berzerker @ World of Lies Review

The Berzerker

World of Lies
Earache Records

Coming from Melbourne, Australia, The Berzerker’s probably one of the most unexpected and enjoyable surprises I had in recent months. Not only did they rocked my world the right way – which is something I found pretty hard to do, given the fact that I haven’t been that much into this sort of sound – but they also convinced me that not even everything that comes out these days from the realms of Extreme Metal should be taken as granted as air.
To begin with, the production process was everything but standard, as this record’s been done at Luke’s private abode (the band’s mastermind) on a portable laptop and, given the album’s untreated, but strangely sophisticated sound, you could probably bet that the more evident, recording studio settings must be out of the question from here on in – I guess this proves what Extreme Metal’s all about: to be willing to take chances and getting rewarded from such risks.
Sound-wise, I guess you could say this is a stylish mix of everything that’s good within Death Metal, Grind Core, Gabba, Hard Techno, Industrial and even Noise, with sporadic spoken-word samples throughout the album – those familiar with several Grind Core releases might know this sort of template by heart, so I’d say that an expression such as “experimental” should go without saying to assess their work. The most striking thing about World of Lies is that while all the fourteen tracks are as thick as they get, they still strike a chord of catchy, progressive leanings in order to make the whole ride much more fascinating and distinctive, in comparison to what their peers in the genre have been, and are still, doing for the last couple of years.
In a time when extreme Metal releases are anything but daring and exciting, World of Lies comes absolutely right to prove this wrong, and while it turns a household label like Earache to look like the good Death Metal institute of old, it also sets a new style and standards for a number of proxy-projects that will soon be scratching the surface.

Earache Records


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