The Great Deceiver @ Terra Incognito Review

The Great Deceiver
Terra Incognito
Peaceville Records

The Great Deceiver is a Swedish band from Tomas Lindberg, known for his vocal inputs in At the Gates, Lock Up and the lately disbanded The Crown. Still, this one differs quite a bit from said lot, as it’s undeniably his most engaging and contemporary endeavour.
Apart from having its name forged past a King Crimson song, Tomas Lindberg delivers a sizeable blend of Hard Core, Industrial and Death Metal, with his buddies from Diabolique (of Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin’s fame). In essence, Terra Incognito – a title taken from Proust’s In Search of Lost Time – is an additional shot at reinventing the mainstream music principles with its new wave of American Heavy Metal snatching every teenagers’ focus on the actual basis of heavy music. It’s true that there’s always been a large difference in sound made by American and European acts but, generally speaking, the industry seems to be mainly engaged on substandard and ear-catchy music that appeals to any youngster devoid of any bit of musical culture rather than presenting to worldwide audiences the proper meaning of Rock or Heavy Metal; at least there are bands in America pulling the strings in this quarter, such as A Perfect Circle, God Forbid, Marilyn Manson, Strapping Young Lad or even Tool, while in Europe we have another facet with In Flames, Lock Up, Meshuggah and now The Great Deceiver. Marathon Man or The Heel on the Throat of the Young would be sufficient to make this record a frontrunner, though there are 8 more songs of torment and sourness that’ll leave you squashed by their sheer insanity of industrial accuracy.
Overall, this is a nitty-gritty exercise in developing heavy music with edge, sense and piercing hit.

Peaceville Records

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