The Hellacopters @ By the Grace of God Review

The Hellacopters @ By the Grace of GodThe Hellacopters
By the Grace of God
Universal Music Group

Are you into old Rock without compromises, yet served with an exquisite and striking production? Then this is certainly for you. Understandably, By the Grace of God doesn’t offer anything newfangled to its musical ground, as the central focus of the band is to assemble influences from good old shaped American Rock. On the other hand, they’re not worried about collective or biased stigmas that would impinge on a band from Uncle Sam’s soil; rather, by looking from the outside in, they’ve managed to craft a more bona fide sound than any American band in this century, and that’s where The Hellacopters shine.
Formed in 1994 by long-time childhood friends Nicke Royale (of Entombed’s fame) and Kenny Hakansson, these two oddballs absorbed their early musical influences based in Kiss, Ramones and Slayer, in the same way that Jagger and Richards did before them, something that’s visibly noticed in each and every piece of their career. For this particular album they recorded 20 songs, but even if we’re only handed with 13 they’ll be dubbing half a dozen of the others for extra b-sides.
To wrap it up, this isn’t just another replica of the aforementioned bands, more a reinvention of sorts of what real Rock should sound in this day and age, devoid of the artificial and hasty approach of how the mainstream deals with it.

The Hellacopters
Universal Music Group

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