The Provenance @ Red Flags Review

The Provenance
Red Flags
Peaceville Records

Overview: A surprising release of congenial proportions, Red Flags ensures that essence and soul are traits still to be found in contemporary Rock. Much like Madder Mortem, The Gathering or even Katatonia, The Provenance’s energetic and multi-layered sound reinvigorates the foundations of modern Heavy Rock, by having an impressive lead vocalist in Emma Hellström (also keyboardist) and the dexterity and proficiency of drummer Joel Lindell (also lyricist).
By having the aforementioned acts in mind, it’s easier to figure what The Provenance are also aiming at on a sonic level, although the Swedes stretch the boundaries a tad (in comparison) by furthering their love for progressive music and Jazz without neglecting their infatuation for Gothic Rock. Their combined effort with the Ulf Sparre Orchestra provides a more authentic use of the horns and strings’ sections, elevating the sound and feel of the songs to uncharted heights.

Production: Irreproachable in its clarity and punch, it allows heaviness and sensibility to merge successfully with their own distinctive traits.

Parting Thoughts: The Provenance is easily able to restore faith in modern-day Rock bands fronted by female vocalists, in a time where its peers tend to disappoint rather than to impress, and where standards are worryingly mediocre and stale.

Peaceville Records

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