THESYRE @ Exist! Review

Osmose Productions

Overview: A tight crossover of sorts is what Eric Masicotte and his troop have treasured on this single-track record. Not as off-putting as some would think, Exist! intelligently merges the more industrial side of Metal – reminding a bit of Ministry’s more structured efforts – with a number of Punk standards and even some Black n’ Roll vibes, previously wielded by Darkthrone, Khold or Satyricon in their recent works. The musicianship is firm, yet flexible, giving room for pragmatic experimentation and some brief solo proficiency, not to mention a rather pleasant acoustic section afterwards, elevating a rather transient atmosphere as a consequence.

Production: Consistent and congruent towards the album’s modus operandi, it offers adequate weight and clarity in respective segments.

Parting Thoughts: Not prescribed to those into quick fixes of aural speed and mayhem, Exist! is a lone, long journey for those who are both fed-up with the ridicule and staleness in extreme Metal, as well as to the more intrigued followers of dexterity and progression.


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