Thorns @ Thorns Review

Moonfog Productions

Without Snorre Ruch, Norwegian Black Metal would not be the same. For instance, take out De Mysteriis Dom. Sathanas: would do you think has created half of the guitar structures and arrangements? Were it not for the megalomaniac ranting of Euronymous in his day, this puzzling misfit would have its deserved share of credit. Nonetheless, the record speaks for itself in all its contingents, as it abducts your senses in a way rarely explored these days. I won’t deny occasional resemblances to the likes of DHG, Oxiplegatz, Satyricon or even Voivod, but this monster comes certainly from a different league. Tracks like Existence and Interface to God are an evidence of the savage proficiency dwelling in its abyss of sound, while Shifting Channels and Underneath the Universe let the more industrial and woozy results come to the fore.
Hellhammer lends his outstanding drum work here – perhaps his most calculated and pre-eminent so far – while Satyr and Aldrahn share the vocal tasks in a more identifiable line of attack.
In conclusion, let’s just hope that the next work doesn’t take that long to be available, as everyone will be salivating for more after a couple of spins.


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