Todesbonden @ Stormbringer Review

Todesbonden @ StormbringerTodesbonden
Pale Moon Records

Overview: Soothing and ethereal, Stormbringer, the band’s debut EP, offers a pleasant marriage of seemingly unrelated styles. By mixing mid-paced Doom Metal with a Celtic, unearthly atmosphere, Todesbonden use the beautiful voice of Laurie Ann Haus on top and create tranquil and floating music for the ear. One of the strongest features in Stormbringer is definitely the incorporation of violin, which not only amplifies the gloominess within but it also improves Laurie’s elegantly fragile, yet vigorous, vocals.

Production: Clear and solid, suiting the need for sonic ambivalence between two contrastive genres – even if the extension of a more corporeal rhythm section would’ve been enjoyable.

Parting Thoughts: Not much can be added to report the contents of this four-track EP, other than the fact that Stormbringer is a more than reasonable introduction to what the band might conjure up on their first full-length (pretty much around the corner).


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