Transcending Bizarre? @ The Serpent’s Manifolds Review

Transcending Bizarre?
The Serpent’s Manifolds
Dissonart Productions

Overview: Greece has always been a fervent sanctuary concerning the more esoteric and mystifying sides of Metal and Transcending Bizarre?, who are carrying this legacy in the new millennium, are doing it in a rather fathomless and extraordinary way. Having that said, it’s almost inconceivable that The Serpent’s Manifold is only the band’s second full-length, given the fact that the music is so carefully crafted, yet quite unorthodox in approach. Every so often you get glimpses of the more symphonic and avant-garde patterns paved by compatriot’s Septic Flesh or Nightfall, of which Dimension Hell or the title-track are faithful examples, but there’s latitude for somewhat unusual, dreamlike atmospheres to stir the broth, clearly influenced by some of the more eerie and majestic works of Jerry Goldsmith and Danny Elfman, being Infinite or the intro Dat Rosa Mel Apibus adequate archetypes. Room has also been left for a particularly heart-rending moment in the shape of The Music of the Spheres, where some affecting female singing is uplifted by a reasonably dramatic backdrop.

Production: Flawless and more than fitting, it conveys the record’s elaborate and heavy chapters, as well as its unearthly and graceful moments with impeccable precision.

Parting Thoughts: A manifold of reactions is, indeed, the untapped premise of this puzzling journey, which carries the listener through an imaginable galaxy of ten baffling celestial bodies.

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