VeiL @ Blinkers Define the Spasm Review

Blinkers Define the Spasm

Overview: Greece has been known to be a rather exotic country when it comes to the more extreme varieties of Metal (i.e. Kawir, Necromantia, Nightfall, Rotting Christ or Septic Flesh), but newcomers Veil are prepared to change things a little.
After the release of their only demo, Forest Oblivion, as well as countless line-up changes that followed, the three-piece is offering a quite technical and cruel blend of Death and Black Metal on the five tracks that form the totality of this debut EP. Little room has been left for either harmonies or polyphonies, which prevents the songs from sounding as varied or heterogeneous, making the whole vibe quite intense and violent, though frequently uninspired and bland.

Production: Explicit in detail and moderately even, it sets the tone for the unrestrained sonic assault, yet weight tends to be generally overlooked regarding lower frequencies’ settings.

Parting Thoughts: Not without its imperfections, Blinkers Define the Spam is a somewhat interesting career-opener for a band who has undertaken quite a share of adversities since its inception, though time and ear will certainly be wise mentors to reckon with as far as future recordings are concerned.


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