Void @ Posthuman Review

Nocturnal Art Productions

There comes a time when an album begins to taint your aural cells like a microbe and you come across yourself unable to unearth a system on how to discern it properly without loosing a speck of your brainpower at once. Posthuman is such a record and is, undeniably, a mind-boggling bacteria processed to make you feel dispersed in outlandish standards of tuneful bliss.
“Future fear music for an estranged generation” is certainly a fitting portrayal of these 8 ultramodern horrors that embrace Electronic and Techno Music, with a small piece of Extreme Metal in the tonic. For instance, attempt to envision a sonic mishmash of Aborym, Choronzon, DHG, Thee Maldoror Kollective and Thorns, with a crumb of the complexity found in the latest guitar work of Satyricon; by now, you may have deciphered the nifty grittiness of Void, but just an undersized scrap of it (it sure is that intricate and puzzling).
To sum it up, Samoth has succeeded once more in making you an element of a collided maelstrom, which will put you down mesmerised by its schizophrenic starkness and persuasive innovation.

Nocturnal Art Productions


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