VS777 @ Promo ’04 Review

Promo ’04

I first remember seeing them live last year, together with vocalist PRX’s own group (Invoke) and noticing they were somewhat distinctive in three major aspects: image, sonority and musicianship; after all, this was their opening concert (despite the fact that most in the unit belong to other projects).
Born in 2000 as a private entity of V.S., following unsuccessful tries at creating a suitable band, it suffered a one-year hiatus in 2002, after which V.S. felt his muse’s revisit and subsequently switched to creative mode. And it proved to be rather rewarding, seeing as he started to record his own stuff while pulling together a solid circle of musicians that would help furthering his vision. The result ended-up getting print on a silvery disc under two names: Humanometer and 3\3-CBS. These tracks tend to sound a tad dissimilar from one another, since the first one’s main feeling is conveyed by the industrial tapestry coupled with a strange and ominous vocal loom, while the latter is mostly melodic and entirely instrumental. V.S. told me that there was merely a very limited amount of these promos available, so chance is that you might not even get to include it on your set, but fear not, as this is just an appetiser of what the demo will bring shortly.


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