Wyrd @ Vargtimmen Pt. 1 Review

Vargtimmen Pt. 1
Solistitium Records

For those of you unaware of Wyrd’s background, the project was formed seven years ago under the name of Hellkult by core elements Nargath and Kalma (who in the past played in Azaghal, an ardent Black Metal group). Three demos were recorded and, a short while following Kalma’s leaving, Nargath made a decision to go on by himself, but in a slight dissimilar approach and with a new moniker; in other words, the central Thrash Metal technique explored earlier was now giving room to an atmospheric shape of Black Metal with heathen, folkloric touches, beneath the banner of Wyrd.
Vargtimmen Pt. 1 is Wyrd’s third release on Solistitium, abode of Norway’s Isvind. The sound is largely full of atmosphere, with mid-paced drumming, melodious (but plain) riffs in the northern vein, ambient keyboard lines on the background (relatively buried) covering it, as well as typical demonic, yet meek, vocal shrieks. The whole thing works pretty well, seeing as the mood brought up by the melody walks alongside the lyrics – hymns to Nature and its unknown secrets, introducing Nargath’s appeal to its absorbing soul (and those acoustic pieces that surge every so often do increase the feeling all the more).
However, negative aspects are, unfortunately, featured on occasional vocal changes (illogical in places) and the rhythm’s pick in certain drum patterns is less than remarkable, providing the dynamics’ flow with a share of nauseating instants. Still, credit must be given to production duties, as the whole work done on Vargtimmen Pt. 1 is convincingly superior, in particular for this sort of sonority.
Four tracks lasting nearly fifty minutes is rather atypical to find in such an album, and even harder to put together the sound interesting as a whole while at the same time grabbing your interest. Almost useless to say, Wyrd accomplished something in this quest, even if there’s still work ahead.


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