Zyklon and Emperor Interview

Zyklon and Emperor
Interview with Trym Torson

Given the straightforwardness the band addressed about the end of Emperor four years ago, what was the reason behind this recent reunion?

When we made the decision that we wanted to quit with Emperor, we were supposed to do a tour in Europe and in the United States as an ending. Since this never happened, we have waited to find the right time when we all felt like playing together and making the last shows we couldn’t do earlier.

How did you prepare the whole thing in such a thought out way in advance?

It’s been almost two years since we started to talk about doing some shows with Emperor again, so the only hard thing in this period was to keep it a secret.

Who are the other members joining you on stage? Will they be part of the band in a likely studio situation?

The bass player is Secthdamon, from Zyklon and Myrkskog, and the keyboard player is a local guy called Einar. But there will not be a studio album; this reunion is just to play live, so we have not even spoke about an album.

You’ve been Zyklon’s drummer for seven years. What differences would you point out between both bands’ working methods, and do you feel as accomplished, regardless?

The main difference between Zyklon and Emperor is that we rehearse as a whole band prior to both studio and live situations, and the music we make is meant to be played live, as well as on a record. We also try different things out when we rehearse with Zyklon, while with Emperor we had everything ready before we started to rehearse.

Looking back to your early days in Emperor, how did you become the drummer? Was it difficult to adapt to the band’s musical structure in the first place?

I came to a rehearsal and played some old songs and some new stuff they had made for Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk, and the rest is history. I found it easy to play with the guys, since they are excellent musicians and friends and, since the music was so creative, I just had to follow the lead…

How do you look upon the mythical split with Enslaved? Also, how did you like and view Blood Must Be Shed?

The split with Enslaved came after a really hard tour in the United States and Mexico. We had some differences and decided to part me from the band.
Blood Must Be Shed was just a project Samoth did before he went to prison.

How did you like playing with Satyricon and what were the main differences you found between yours and Frost’s playing?

The tour with Satyricon was a good learning experience (both positive and negative). I try to play as “right” as possible to make Satyricon’s music as real as it could have been with Frost.

What’s your musical background before the Enslaved days? Did you have any musical education?

I did play with Ivar, from Enslaved, some years before we started Enslaved, but I have no musical education.

Give me an insight on several of your former, and current, parallel projects and, according to a small rumour, have you ever been involved in Tartaros?

I have been involved in different projects, but never as a serious thing. I have been playing in a band called Paganize for a couple of years now and we have just recorded a demo, but I never did anything, musically, with Tartaros.

You have a quite different activity on the side called Emperial Tattoo. How did it start and what were your main inspirations?

I have a friend who runs a tattoo studio. He showed me how to tattoo and I started it around 2000. I have always been interested in tattoos and I’ve also been making drawings since I was a kid. When it comes to inspiration, it really depends on what people want, as well as the motif they choose.

These days, what Norwegian bands and projects would you care to recommend, as well as foreign potentials you find as interesting?

I am a big fan of Red Harvest: excellent live band. Also, there are a couple of new bands, like Mindgrinder, but everything with Strapping Young Lad or Devin Townsend is great.

To conclude, will Emperor be playing live in Portugal? Also, do you know any bands from my neck of the woods? Speaking of which, did you like Sirius’ cover of Emperor’s The Majesty of the Nightsky?

Time will show; if we get an offer worth taking, I can’t see why not.
The only Portuguese band I like is Sirius, but I’m sure there are others that I haven’t heard of. I also think it’s a good cover they did.




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