Dawn of Tears @ Act III: The Dying Eve Review

Dawn of Tears @ Act III: The Dying EveDawn of Tears
Act III: The Dying Eve
Inverse Records

Overview: Coming from my neighbouring country Spain, land of such acts as former Black Metallers Asgaroth and Nahemah, Dawn of Tears delivers us its sophomore exercise in what seems to be a rather vivid and exotic blend of melodic Death Metal with occasional Gothic overtones, without failing to remember the almost obligatory female vocal rendition.
The band has already toured with the likes of Dark Tranquility and Dimmu Borgir, whose soundscapes feel audibly familiar, but there are also some portions that resemble the more representative periods of In Flames and Eternal Tears of Sorrow, as well as the latter leanings of Cradle of Filth.
Musicianship-wise, Act III: The Dying Eve is quite superior, as it showcases a strong sense of dynamics coupled with sporadic acoustic passages – certainly, a testimony of the calibre of this ensemble.

Production: Reasonably tight in its clarity but rather uninspired in its heaviness; even so, it has the ability to outrank others from household names in the genre.

Parting Thoughts: Unsuitable for those revering downright brutality and topmost speed, Act III: The Dying Eve is, perhaps, the ideal merger of the cited references which, assuredly, will please every listener with a soft spot for melodic extravagances.

Dawn of Tears
Inverse Records


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