Horned Almighty @ Necro Spirituals Review

Horned Almighty @ Necro SpiritualsHorned Almighty
Necro Spirituals
Candlelight Records

Overview: Combining the energy of Black Metal and Punk with the weight of contemporary Death Metal is what best defines the vibrant concoction that is Necro Spirituals, Denmark’s Horned Almighty first album under Candlelight’s umbrella. Some would probably define it as Black ‘n’ Roll, but the band is as different from Darkthrone as it is from Scum – even if there’s enough room to praise the former’s guitar work on a song like Fountain of a Thousand Plagues. Without being identical, the vocals resemble Jörgen Sandström’s in his Grave days and, if Sweden should be mentioned here, then Entombed would have to be thrown into the mix, as most of the rhythmic section pays its dues to it.
In addition, there’s room for a nod or two at Doom Metal and Sludge at the end segment but, overall, it is a statement of fact: Horned Almighty breath the old-school vapours of Motörhead, Slayer and the aforementioned Darkthrone.

Production: Reasonably polished and vigorously defined, allowing room for the material’s intolerance to breathe comfortably.

Parting Thoughts: A ritual of nine sound waves that would appeal to either aficionados of the above mentioned genres or just the more curious Extreme Metal listener, Necro Spirituals may not yet be the band’s landmark release, but it is, assuredly, a rather engaging listening experience.

Horned Almighty
Candlelight Records


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