Mortiis Interview


Interview with Himself

Can you tell me a bit about your new album and its concept?

Yes, I’m working on The Stargate and have been doing so active, and sometimes less active, for about two years. I’d say that this time around the song-writing has improved a tad – as had several sounds – and the basic “sound-scape” of it all. The concept is as always: the world of Mortiis.

Some say you base your universe on Tolkien’s mythology, but would you agree that the realm of Fantasy has, certainly, more to it than his borders?

I base Mortiis on my mind, where from all comes and all goes, so to speak. What people don’t know anything about ought to be a warning for them to shut their foul mouths instead of squeaking their groundless conclusions and presumptions east and west, like pigs in a slaughterhouse. Obviously, I am – or, rather, used to be, actually – a considerably big fan of some of the works of Tolkien. That, however, was a long time ago. But ignorant fools will always surround the likes of me and, therefore, so will silly and childish rumours and erroneous conclusions.

MortiisYou believe that Mortiis was a spirit based upon this world, which is a rather intriguing subject. Could you refer your own principles about this subject?

No, I cannot, as I’m not a philosopher of any sort or kind. I base my system of belief entirely upon my own mind, my feelings and emotions. I believe in my spirit, I believe in my superiority as a spirit, and that is where the fate of Mortiis starts, so to speak. I take nothing from books, even though books may be excellent. All I believe in is my self: Mortiis.

How was it like to develop the Reisene til Grotter og Odermarker video project and where was it filmed?

The making of that video was pretty stressful and hectic. We only had a few hours to film or so. I’m happy that a lot of other people seem to enjoy it though. Basically, the entire video concept was based on the idea of the guy who filmed and edited it and pretty much did all the work. It was filmed at some fortress here in Sweden.

What will your book Mitt Kongerikets Hemeligheter (Secrets of my Kingdom) be about and when will it be available?

Basically, this is the book about the world of which I keep talking. It has been finished for some time now and was more or less put on ice for a year. Now I’m currently looking into getting it out at last. It is most likely not to be issued by Cold Meat Industry though.

What can you tell about Fata Morgana’s concept and the upcoming new opus, Space Race?

Fata Morgana has no real concept. I suppose I felt a need to create another project or something. The album you refer to is, actually, a 7″. Basically, it’s simple electronic music with a certain sense of melody and beat to it.

MortiisVond is based on negativity that you want to channel from out of your system. How much does the stuff on The Dark River differs from Selvmord and is there any link between both records?

I don’t know what links them together, or even less what links The Dark River to Green-Eyed Demon (the third Vond record), but I’d say that the immense negativity, and sense of decadence and downfall, would be a nice link between the tree. Definitely, not the music, as that has changed every time.

Given the nature of your music, how was it like to play live in Germany, recently?

I do not play live, I perform with Mortiis’ music as a background thing. It has been a pain, seeing that I haven’t had any budget to work with, making it very hard to come up with things to improve the show and make it more interesting than before.

Vikernes once said that he would never play live, since Burzum was “a dream to be dreamt individually”, and that he would never collaborate with other people again. Do you relate?

I don’t know what I want to do later on, so why make statements like that when you’re liable to do something else? In all probability, I will not join another band for a long time. However, the concept of bringing other people into Mortiis for records and stuff is already rapidly under ways.

Have you listened to Ihsahn’s restored Thou Shalt Suffer? How is the relationship between you both?

I believe Ihsahn’s music in Thou Shalt suffer is extremely classical oriented, while mine is not. Ihsahn can play and I can not. So, obviously, he’s the musician, whereas I’m the weird, bizarre person that for some unexplainable reason still manages to pull it off and release records.
The relationship between me and him is good, and I think it always has been…



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