My Dying Bride @ A Line of Deathless Kings Review

My Dying Bride @ A Line of Deathless KingsMy Dying Bride
A Line of Deathless Kings
Peaceville Records

Overview: An atypical title for a somewhat odd release from the masters of heavyhearted melancholy. However, this effort still showcases much of what Stainthorpe and his fellow band mates are proudly known for, yet, in a different sort of way.
Predictably, the album is competent in providing the listener with the more romantic, overwrought avenues of Doom Metal, with such titles as the opener To Remain Tombless or the poignant L’Amour Detruit, but, after we get to the middle section with the not less inspired Thy Raven Wings, things start to feel more arid and unexciting, giving the impression that more might be definitely less.
One thing that captured my attention on the record, and shouldn’t go unnoticed, was Aaron’s inspired clean singing, as it brought good memories from his rendition on the band’s superlative Like Gods of the Sun release.

Production: Contemporary and leading-edge, it allows this melodic recipe to gain shape as it should, without concealing the dynamic passages that lay underneath the surface on occasion.

Parting Thoughts: Almost celebrating its twentieth anniversary, My Dying Bride keeps delivering the goods in more or less outlandish ways, such was the case with the rather controversial 34.7888% Complete. Nevertheless, the band has always been a matter of acquired taste for most and an absolute must for a few who dwell in their poetic symphonic streams, so in the end there’s really nothing to be surprised about.

My Dying Bride
Peaceville Records


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