Amber Asylum @ GardenofLoveAutonomySuiteStillPoint Review

Amber Asylum @ GardenofLoveAutonomySuiteStillPointAmber Asylum

Overview: Self-released by Force and her colleagues, GardenofLoveAutonomySuiteStillPoint is a quite soothing, yet interesting, amalgamation of styles that one would associate more easily with any Prikosnovénie artist than, perhaps, with her known joint efforts with Neurosis or Swans.
Composed by 3 songs that sum up almost half-hour of music, this 10” vinyl offers both Neoclassical and Post-Rock ambiances, laced with the right dosage of frailty and melancholy brought forth by the exquisite use of violins and cellos, as well as the heavenly voices of the Amber Asylum ladies. Space has also been given to experiment with percussion on Autonomy Suite that serves has a prelude to the final and real gem of this piece, a song composed by two movements entitled Still Point, offering more than 10 minutes of otherworldly music filled with romantic strings and chimerical voices.

Production: Essentially linear but precisely dynamic, it enables not only the more soundtrack-inspired passages but also the more experimental sections to breathe accordingly.

Parting Thoughts: If less is definitely more than GardenofLoveAutonomySuiteStillPoint perfectly illustrates said notion, as these superbly-crafted minutes of intimate music so well prove.

Amber Asylum


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