The Lodge is an online music website featuring interviews and reviews with artists from the more alternative and extreme fringes of sound.


“The site looks great.”
Arak Draconiiz, Isvind

“It features a rather sober look and with this simpler and direct approach, it gets the message and information across perfectly: very cool!”
Ares, Witchbreed

“Regarding your webzine, I must say that it’s really good and it seems very professional and informative.”
Blasphemer, Ava Inferi/ex-Mayhem

“I enjoyed it very much.”
Christophe Szpajdel

“Good job.”
Eric Masicotte, TheSyre

“The least I can do is to congratulate you, as you’ve created a monster. Something like this was missing from within the Portuguese scene and it carries on your defining line: depth and sense.”
Fernando Reis, Loud!

“I’ve often visited the site, as I consider it of great taste.”
João Costa, Divine Lust

“The Lodge is absolutely superb, I truly enjoyed it.”
John Kokkonakis, L’ame Electrique

“Very nice.”
Ketil Eggum, Gothminister, ex-Red Harvest

“Nice one, my friend.”
Lisa Halmshaw, ex-Peaceville Records

“It looks great!”
Mathias Løken, Planet Satan Revolution

“It looks very nice; very clean and tidy.”
Morfeus, Mayhem/Dimension F3H/ex-Limbonic Art

“Extremely good work, really!”

“It looks very, very good. It has a tasteful and refined simplicity: congratulations!”
Paulo Miranda, PhaZer

“The layout is interesting and it suits perfectly for a webzine: keep up the battle against bad taste!”
Pedro Daniel, [BeforeTheRain]

“It looks great: keep up the good work!”
Peter Bjärgö, Arcana

“Your work is quite interesting: respect!”
Pursan, Angrenost

“Keep it real!”
Samoth, ex-Emperor/ex-Zyklon/The Wretched End/Nocturnal Art Productions

“Masterful. Everything you do is precisely written in attractive, not stupid-looking web pages, and there are some amazing insights and rarities.”
Spinoza Ray Prozak, American Nihilist Underground Society

“Thanks for your well-put thoughts and important remarks: it’s great to see some professional handling of things among the mediocre masses that even do not bother to check the press sheet enclosed.”
Tadas Kazlauskas, Ledo Takas

“Your lodge is always of high quality.”
Tom Kvålsvoll, DHG/Strype Audio

“I can say that you’ve got a really professional and clear look at what you do, and the level of English is superb.”
Uktu, Sonic Splendour

“This is great; especially the interview with Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio.”
Vámosi Tamás

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