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Dødheimsgard Interview

Dødheimsgard Interview with Aldrahn and Vicotnik 2016 Was it a conscious move to have such a distance between Supervillain Outcast and A Umbra Omega? Have you been busy on the side? Vicotnik: Well, it’s not mere coincidence, but the eight-years’ span between albums was definitely not planned as such – I guess circumstantial is a … Continue reading

Emperor Interview

Emperor Interview with Faust 2000 How’s your daily routine at Ulllersmo Landsfengsel? Do you get to answer many interviews? The daily routine is rather boring, actually. I attend school inside here, which occupies me between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Apart from that, I train, regularly, and… that’s about it. It’s just plain boring with … Continue reading

Tartaros and The Thrill Interview

  Tartaros and The Thrill Interview with Charmand Grimloch 2000 What is the concept behind The Grand Psychotic Castle and how did you assemble its soundscape? The album The Grand Psychotic Castle was composed under some enormous feelings of past centuries that came to me. The whole concept expresses a fearful, yet, beautiful, mask of … Continue reading

Mortiis Interview

Mortiis Interview with Himself 2000 Can you tell me a bit about your new album and its concept? Yes, I’m working on The Stargate and have been doing so active, and sometimes less active, for about two years. I’d say that this time around the song-writing has improved a tad – as had several sounds … Continue reading

Mayhem Interview

Mayhem Interview with Maniac 1998 What can you tell about Mayhem’s highly anticipated full-length and ensuing live shows? Right now we have been rehearsing our new material. This summer we will spend rehearsing for both live shows and our upcoming album, Grand Declaration of War. Very much of the material is finished and we hope … Continue reading

Zyklon and Emperor Interview

Zyklon and Emperor Interview with Trym Torson 2005 Given the straightforwardness the band addressed about the end of Emperor four years ago, what was the reason behind this recent reunion? When we made the decision that we wanted to quit with Emperor, we were supposed to do a tour in Europe and in the United … Continue reading

Zyklon Interview

Zyklon Interview with Samoth 2000 When did you start this project and what is the concept and musical direction based on? Also, who’s a part of it, and on which label will you be releasing the debut? Zyklon was started by myself in 1998. Trym was an easy choice for a drummer, since the two … Continue reading

Thou Shalt Suffer Interview

Thou Shalt Suffer Interview with Ihsahn 2000 Why did you decide to maintain the name of the project, as it represented the pre-Emperor era, with a quite dissimilar sonority? Thou Shalt Suffer was the name I worked under when I chose to do this solo album in 1991 and, even though many things have been … Continue reading

Thorns Interview

Thorns Interview with Snorre Ruch 2000 How and why did you decide to assemble Thorns? Thorns was my idea. On the most, Thorns had 4 members: Bård (Faust) Eithun, Harald Eilertsen, Marius Vold and myself. Today I do most work alone, but I will use other musicians for different tasks when recording the next CD. … Continue reading

Tartaros and The Thrill Interview

Tartaros and The Thrill Interview with Charmand Grimloch 2000 What can you tell me about the history and philosophy behind Tartaros’ musical and lyrical creations? What did draw you towards this musical expression in the first place? The history of Tartaros starts back in 1993. In this period, I actually played in a Death Metal … Continue reading