1349 @ Revelations of the Black Flame


Abscess @ Horrorhammer
Aeternus @ A Darker Monument
Altars @ Altars
Amber Asylum @ GardenofLoveAutonomySuiteStillPoint
Anatolian Wisdom @ Where the Iblis Dwells
Apotheosis @ Farthest from the Sun
Ataraxia @ Kremasta Nera
Aura Noir @ The Merciless
Autumn Tears @ The Hallowing
Axegrinder @ Rise of the Serpent Men


Before the Rain @ … One Day Less


Ceremonial Castings @ Salem 1692
Corpus Christii @ Rising
Corvus Corax @ The Atavistic Triad
Cubical Sphere @ Promo 2007


Dark Funeral @ Diabolis Interium
Dark Funeral @ Teach Children to Worship Satan
Darkthrone @ Plaguewielder
Darkthrone @ The Cult Is Alive
Dawn of Tears @ Act III: The Dying Eve
Deicide @ Till Death Do Us Part
Diabolical Masquerade @ Death’s Design
Diabolical Masquerade @ Nightwork
Dissimulation @ Prakeikimas
Divine Lust @ The Bitterest Flavours


Enthroned @ Armoured Bestial Hell
Epping Forest @ Everblasting Struggle
Esgaroth @ Monarchy Divine


Fenriz Presents… @ The Best of Old-School Black Metal


Gallhammer @ The Dawn of…
Gehenna @ Murder
GOD @ Hell & Heaven
Gorath @ The Fourth Era


Horned Almighty @ Necro Spirituals


In Tha Umbra @ Nigrium Nigrius Nigro


Katatonia @ Brave Murder Day
Katatonia @ My Twin
Katatonia @ The Great Cold Distance
Khold @ Masterpiss of Pain
Khold @ Phantom


Lady Morphia @ Essence and Infinity
Le’ rue Delashay @ The Law of 8ve
Limbonic Art @ Legacy of Evil
Long Winters’ Stare @ The Tears of Odin’s Fallen


Madder Mortem @ Desiderata
Marilyn Manson @ mOBSCENE
MindGrinder @ MindTech
My Dying Bride @ A Line of Deathless Kings
Myrkskog @ Superior Massacre


Nachtmystium @ Doomsday Derelicts
Nex @ Zero
Nicodemus @ The Supernatural Omnibus
Nocternity @ Onyx
Novembers Doom @ The Knowing
Novembre @ Materia


October Tide @ A Thin Shell
Old @ Down with the Nails
Onirik @ Spectre
Orcivus @ Consummatum Est


Pain @ Nothing Remains the Same
Pantheon I @ Worlds I Create
Peccatum @ Lost in Reverie
Primordial Melody @ Critical Chaos


Rammstein @ Feuer Frei!
Rob Zombie @ Past, Present & Future


Sally Doherty and the Sumacs @ Black Is the Colour
Sarpanitum @ Despoilment of Origin
Sepia Dreamer @ The Sublime
Sirius @ Spectral Transition – Dimension Sirius


The Amenta @ Mictlan
The Berzerker @ World of Lies
The Great Deceiver @ Terra Incognito
The Hellacopters @ By the Grace of God
The Provenance @ Red Flags
The Wretched End @ Ominous
THESYRE @ Exist!
Thorns @ Thorns
Thou Shalt Suffer @ Into the Woods of Belial
Todesbonden @ Stormbringer
Transcending Bizarre? @ The Serpent’s Manifold


VeiL @ Blinkers Define the Spasm
Void @ Posthuman
VS777 @ Promo ’04


Wyrd @ Vargtimmen Pt. 1

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